Commercial Property Solid Waste Class Action Details

Many of the Northwest Business Association commercial property-owning members have received mailed notices about a class action settlement that arises from the City of Atlanta’s practice of charging solid waste “frontage fees” to such properties on an annual basis even though the City did not collect their garbage or other waste.  We encourage you to make claims for payments from the class action settlement fund.  The amount of settlement payments will depend on the total amount of claims made and may result in full or partial refunds to you for the period between 2014 and 2021.  Beginning in 2019, the rates charged by the City for these fees was radically increased, with rates charged to commercial properties ranging between at least $500 to $12,000 each year, depending on their street frontage and location.  In order to determine the proper amount to claim and other information regarding the class action lawsuit and settlement, please go to the settlement website at  That website contains further information about the settlement and how to make claims.  Please pay particular attention to the Claim Form and the Claim Instructions on that website.  The deadline for submitting claims is March 11, 2022, so please act promptly.